Andrew Partynski


"Andrew Partynski brings unique technical expertise to Clear Align,” stated Angelique X. Irvin, Chairperson & CEO.  “His dedication to customers, international deployment experience, and proven technical leadership serve our mission as we embark on a new period of technical advancement, product innovation, and global growth.”

Before joining Clear Align, Partynski served in key executive positions at Alion, SAIC, DynCorp, DRS, and Recon Optical.  Most recently, he served as Chief Innovation Officer for Alion Science & Technology, where he led the technology assessment and evaluations for Army Future Command, Army Application Lab.  He led technology demonstrations of disruptive capabilities, such as the application of artificial intelligence with deep learning, to provide the warfighter with automated decision support. At DynCorp International, Partynski led the development of capabilities for a Research Development & Engineering Center in the UAE Army.  His efforts included the introduction of advanced engineering tools and technologies, leadership mentoring, and managing an international and culturally diverse team. 

As the Chief Technology Officer at SAIC, he led the organization’s technical community offering best in class technology solutions, led the senior solution architects and personally provided solutions to critical programs including next-generation Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV).  He also led the Systems Engineering Community of Practice for SAIC that included 800+ systems engineers, focused on curating best practices, ideas and solutions that serve our nation’s defense.  Additionally, he led the SAIC Strategic University Alliance in Huntsville, providing strategic research and technology for critical to DoD programs. At Recon Optical, now a part of United Technologies Corporation, Partynski developed the Shared Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP) for the F-18 which enabled it to carry advanced day/night and all-weather tactical reconnaissance payloads. Additionally, at Recon Optical, he championed program transitions into advanced digital imaging. 

At DRS Technologies, Partynski began as the Vice President of Advanced Programs, where he grew a new business area in uncooled thermal imaging that served Driver’s Viewer Enhancer (DVE) and thermal weapon sight enhancements.  The uncooled business grew the operation from $100M to over $1B and ultimately he led the Homeland Security division as President, where he led the capture of the SBInet program.

Partynski has five awarded patents and was appointed to several prestigious boards in the President’s Council on Homeland Security and by the Boeing Corporation.  Partynski led STEM initiatives and testified before the House of Representatives on the criticality of STEM education.