Ed Mourar

Vice President, Advanced Programs

Ed has over 27 years experience focused on system management of imaging and laser solutions. He is a hands-on manager with experience in research, product development, mid and high-volume manufacturing, transitioning new technology to production for satellite and military applications. Previously, he was Vice President of Engineering for Fraser Optics where he led research and development programs. The programs included gyroscopically-stabilized binoculars (US Army M25 and M25A1 programs), monoculars, multi-spectral cameras, sensors, eye-safe laser rangefinders, target acquisition systems and laser designators.

Ed was Director of Engineering/Operations at Topcon Medical Systems, developing over 20 different commercial medical programs for the ophthalmic industry while also directing the entire business unit of 45 employees. He led the FDA Class-1 CAPA, ISO 9001, and several ERP/MRP implementations for the business sector. At LSA Inc., he led military development programs; such as WAABS (Wide-Angle, Agile Beam Steerer) that was a LIDAR system for NSWC Dahlgren, LASER Link that was a 10-km atmospheric laser communication system for high data-rate transmission, and HMVRD (Helmet-Mounted Virtual Reality Display) for showing critical information on a pilot’s visor. At Lockheed Martin (formerly GE Astro Space), Mourar led the mechanical development of the Air Force’s GPS-IIR satellite program. He led the assembly, performance testing, environmental testing, and launching of the first four GPS-IIR satellites.

In addition, Ed led and developed all the precision optical alignments of navigation sensors to relate them to body coordinates and on-orbit pointing vectors for multiple NASA (Goddard and JPL) satellite programs receiving numerous awards and citations for innovative analytical solutions. He developed many software algorithms using Kalman filters for attitude and maneuver control.

Ed was awarded a BS in Mechanical Engineering (1987) and an M.S. in Engineering Science (1991) from Pennsylvania State University and graduated of numerous GE management and leadership programs. He is the principal inventor on three US patents.