A Leader in Smart Borders for Over 30 Years

Border security and surveillance cannot afford downtime. Guarding against illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism demands reliable long-range threat detection and positive identification of potential threats day and night and in all weather conditions. That is where Clear Align’s next generation thermal imaging makes a difference.

Clear Align brings over 30 years of border surveillance technology deployment and is a recognized leader in providing best-in-class surveillance systems to the global market. We have fielded thousands of short to ultra-long-range cameras, both domestically and internationally, to commercial, military, homeland security and airborne law enforcement organizations.

Innovation Creates Smarter Borders

Clear Align is at the forefront of technology innovation on the front line of Border Security. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and system autonomy combined with the latest advances in infrared imaging and image enhancement provides the tools and automation to allow machines to do the dull, dreary, and in some cases dangerous job of detecting and identifying activity and assessing threat levels.

Persistent Ground Surveillance and Real-time Video Analytics Detect, Track, Identify, Classify, and Respond to Border Threats

Clear Align’s mission is to provide early warning and threat assessment to border agents, delivering data from multiple platforms to the eyes of those on the front line. Our systems identify and track threats and provide hand-off between towers, drones, or mobile units.

Keeping Pace with Technology Advancements Now and In the Future

With Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) and open industry standard interfaces our system remains scalable and upgradeable. Technology that ties you to both current and future command and control solutions, to provide today’s interoperability and reliability with the upgrades required to keep pace with tomorrow’s technology.

Experience in Long-Term Reliability

Borders cannot afford downtime and rarely have enough spare systems. With over 500 instrumentation suites designed, engineered, tested, and successfully deployed on the US Borders our program experience embodies the operational requirements and provides our customers with a unique opportunity for accelerated deployment of instrumentation systems with high reliability. If your program requires complex integration nationwide, systems with rapid mobilization, deployment, and sustainment, Clear Align has the experience and the technology.

30 Years of Protecting the US Border

border surveillance tower