A Smarter Alternative

Our innovation is our edge in the market and sets us apart as a supplier. We develop solution based on operational needs before we develop the final requirements delivering us a system that meets operational goals as well as the specifications. We bring product to life from concept to commercialization. 

  • In surveillance we offer innovations like automation of search, detect, identify, and respond.  We link our systems for high-reliability target tracking and handoff, also linking to mobile users and offering forensic analysis.  Our handoff between sensor types is a key advantage for tracking small unmanned systems. 
  • In manned and unmanned airborne applications, we lead with innovative optical solutions for multi-band or broadband operations that minimize size and weight.
  • In soldier systems we offer advanced solutions for lightweight modular thermal sights that are feature rich and can link to the network to give our defenders the greatest edge in combat. 
  • In ground vehicle dual band systems, we developed optical solutions and processes that are producible and affordable. We also have developed critical coating technology to support these solutions in very harsh environments allowing our customers more rugged solutions than previously available.  

A Phase Gate Approach to Innovative Development

Our process starts with innovative idea generation coupled with clearly defined objectives and planning; At Clear Align we develop a detailed compliance matrix to kick off our projects, so we innovate where we need to.  As we progress through each phase of the development process, we have a specified minimum set of documentation necessary to be completed prior to progressing to the next phase. Concentrating on the necessary documentation at each phase allows for the engineering effort in future phases to be more efficient and effective. Our AS9100 and ISO 9000 compliant processes and quality assurance help manage schedule, cost and most importantly performance.  For more information on our phased gate process click here.