Proven High-Reliability EO/IR for Demanding Airborne Applications

Day or night, Clear Align delivers Airborne EO/IR assemblies, sensors, and subsystems with unparalleled quality, precision, and reliability for fixed and rotary wing, manned and unmanned as well as missile and attritable systems applications. Animating a host of complex operational scenarios, including networked, AI-enabled airborne systems, we enable speed, range, convergence, decision dominance, and overmatch. Our EO/IR sensor solutions include embedded AI-enabled automatic target recognition and tracking. We deliver outstanding high-resolution reconnaissance imagery and precise laser receiver and transmitter assemblies built for more demanding customers.

Clear Align has built thousands of airborne systems. Manned and Unmanned Systems and Applications enabled by our Electro-Optics systems and subsystems.

Solutions include:

  • Persistent Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Distributed Aperture
  • IR/Laser Countermeasures
  • Targeting/Pilotage/Navigation
  • Infrared Search and Tracking
  • Precision Strike Weapons
  • Missile Seekers
  • Attritable Systems e.g., Airborne Launched Effects (ALE), Loitering Attack, etc.
  • Degraded Visual Enhancement (DVE) systems

All our systems are modular, open systems architecture conforming to multiple standards e.g., CMOSS and SOSATM, to enable expandability, upgradeability, and improved life cycle costs as well as interoperability between current and future systems, enabling more connected, more effective missions.

From individual components to integrated systems, from design to full-rate production and sustainment, we deliver SWAP-C optimized sensors and solutions from our flexible, scalable and vertically integrated operations.