Borders, Ports & Critical Infrastructure

Leader in Border Survellience

Integrated, Networked, AI enabled Imaging, Pointing, Ranging, Tracking, and Designation Solutions Enabling Deterrence, Detection and Interdiction

The United States and 17 other nations rely on Clear Align for surveillance of ports, borders and critical infrastructure. Whether carried by an agent, installed on fixed or mobile towers, manned/unmanned ground vehicles, aerostats or manned/unmanned aircraft, our infrared and visible imaging solutions reliably in the most demanding environments.

Persistent Ground Surveillance & Real-time Video Analytics Detect, Track, Identify, Classify, & Respond to Border Threats

Our family of EO/IR sensor solutions include advanced, embedded image processing and AI enabled automatic target recognition and tracking for detecting, identifying and tracking personnel, vehicles, and low-flying objects. These “at the edge”, networked surveillance solutions provide day/night sensing in the most austere locations and environments.  

We are part of NORAD’s integrated air defense solution for the National Capitol Region and a key supplier to US Customs and Border Patrol.  

Solutions include:

  • Pan Tilt PZT systems with Visible and High-Definition Infrared cameras for Improved DRI (Detection, Recognition, and Identification)
  • Image Processing for Enhanced DRI & Fog Penetration 
  • Long-Life Sensor Systems in the Visible, Short Wave (SWIR), Long Wave (LWIR) and Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR)Spectrum

Keeping Pace with Advancements Now & In the Future

All our systems are modular, open systems architecture conforming to multiple standards e.g., CMOSS and SOSA™, to enable expandability, upgradeability, and improved life cycle costs as well as interoperability between current and future systems, enabling more connected, more effective missions.

Clear Align has delivered over ten thousand systems over the past 30 years. From individual components to integrated systems, from design to full rate production and sustainment, we deliver SWAP-C optimized sensors and solutions from our flexible, scalable and vertically integrated operations. 

30 Years of Proven Reliablity on the US Border