Networked & AI-enabled ground systems

For speed, range, convergence, decision dominance, & overmatch

Precision targeting is critical to successfully complete enemy engagement missions on land. Clear Align’s EO/IR suite of sensor products include reconnaissance surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) as well as solutions for precision-guided munitions. Our systems are battle-tested and interconnect within the networked battlefield to provide overmatch sensor capability.  Our EO/IR sensor solutions include embedded AI-enabled automatic target recognition and tracking. 

Clear Align has designed, integrated, and delivered over 30,000 ground systems for our customers since 2004 for build to print or build to requirement programs. including: 

Systems and applications we currently support include:

  • Dual-band Third Generation FLIR  (3rd Gen FLIR)
  • Crew-Served Remote Weapons Systems e.g. CROWS
  • Counter UAS & C-RAM
  • Fire Control Sights 
  • Drivers Vision Enhancer (DVE)
  • 360° Situational Awareness Sensor Suites
  • Vehicle Protection System Sensor Suites
  • Autonomous Driving Solutions
  • Sensor Enabled Munitions 

All our systems are modular, open systems architecture conforming to multiple standards e.g., CMOSS and SOSATM, to enable expandability, upgradeability, and improved life cycle costs as well as interoperability between current and future systems, enabling more connected, more effective missions.

From individual components to integrated systems, from design to full-rate production and sustainment, we deliver SWAP-C optimized sensors and solutions from our flexible, scalable, and vertically integrated operations.