Proven Provider of Innovative, Reliable Optical Assemblies, Sensors and Subsystems for Space Applications

We design, develop, produce, and deliver space optical assemblies, sensors and subsystems. Founded by key personnel with a space heritage, Clear Align has delivered over 1,800 complex space-qualified optical subsystems to federal agencies and a long list of companies.  Today over 900 units remain in flight. Systems and applications include: 

  • Smallsat Optics and Telescopes
  • Free Space Optical Communications 
  • Optics for Space Arm and Robotics
  • Surveyor and Rovers Imaging 
  • Optical Instruments for Environmental Monitoring 
  • Ground-Based Telescopes for Space Communication 
  • Design and Test Optical Payloads for Remote Sensing

From individual components to integrated systems, from design to full-rate production and sustainment, we deliver SWAP-C optimized solutions from our flexible, scalable and vertically integrated operations. We deliver unparalleled reliability and production with a full in-house environmental qualification lab.