Culture and Benefits

Creative Thinkers Wanted

If you’re a highly motivated, creative thinker who has a record of achieving exceptional results, you may be a match for a position at Clear Align. We focus on advanced electro optics systems and are looking for candidates with strong system engineering, optical, mechanical, and electronics backgrounds. Our needs are constantly evolving, so if you have an interest in working with us let us know now. We are open to creating positions for truly outstanding talent in our industry. Contact us confidentially at:

Embrace a Work Hard, Play Hard Culture at Clear Align

At Clear Align, we embody a vibrant work ethos that harmonizes dedication, collaboration, and a zeal for excellence. Our foundation is built on the unwavering commitment to a singular mission: to be the optical industries’ most advanced supplier with unrivaled customer focus.

Dedication to Excellence: We foster a culture where dedication isn't just a word—it's a way of life. Our team thrives on pushing boundaries, exploring the unknown, and continuously refining our expertise to deliver cutting-edge security solutions that exceed expectations.

Mission-Driven Focus: Protecting the world isn't just a job; it's our passion and purpose. Every member of our team is aligned with the vision of creating a safer, more secure environment through our innovative technological solutions.

Work Hard, Play Hard Philosophy: While we are dedicated to our mission and values, we also understand the importance of balance. Our culture encourages hard work and dedication but equally values moments of relaxation and fun. We celebrate successes, foster camaraderie, and encourage a healthy work-life harmony.

Commitment to Impact: We measure success not only by our achievements but also by the positive impact our solutions have on the world. Every innovation is a step toward a safer, more secure global landscape.

Core Values

At Clear Align, our culture is not just a reflection of our values; it's the heartbeat of our organization. Join us in our pursuit of excellence, innovation, unrivaled customer focus, and a safer world.

Customer Focus

We strive to prioritize understanding and meet our customers' needs, ensuring their satisfaction and success drive everything we do.

Team Collaboration

Our strength lies in our unity. We foster an environment where teamwork, mutual respect, and diverse perspectives flourish.


We are relentless innovators, constantly challenging the status quo and pioneering new advancements in security solutions.


We uphold the highest ethical standards, earning trust through honesty, transparency, and accountability.


We strive for operational excellence, optimizing processes to deliver high-quality solutions promptly.


We take ownership of our actions and their impact on our customers, team, and the world at large.


Full Benefits Provided to Employees

A Great Team Deserves Great Benefits

Joining a fantastic team means more than just great health benefits. At our company, you're stepping into a group that values work-life harmony and strives to foster a positive, inclusive, and innovative atmosphere. Beyond that, you'll have effortless access to diverse recreational and cultural activities and the choice of affordable housing, whether you prefer city buzz or countryside charm.

Clear Align doesn't stop there. We provide top-tier, Fortune 500-quality benefits and a whole lot more, including:

  • Family health insurance in a top-rated health program and zero-deductible option
  • Domestic partner and children of domestic partner benefits
  • 401(k) program with company match
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Company paid short-term & long-term disability coverage
  • Company paid life insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • Employee assistance program
  • Access to a financial planner to help you meet your financial & life objectives
  • Benefits concierge service to assist you with any questions
  • Company Best Places to Work Team that takes your suggestions and turns them into new programs
  • Plus more standard and voluntary benefits are available, such as legal, accident gap insurance, critical illness insurance, discounts, and more.



Nestled in Eagleville, Pennsylvania our headquarters basks in the county seat of Montgomery County, PA. Just a thirty-minute drive away, you'll find yourself amidst Philadelphia's vibrant Avenue of the Arts and Sports Complexes. Prefer a rural retreat? A fifteen-minute drive takes you to the picturesque landscapes of Montgomery and Berks Counties. Crave mountain escapes? In forty minutes, the Pocono Mountains await. And housing options? We've got you covered, from historic colonial gems to brand-new constructions. Plus, if your partner seeks opportunities, they'll likely find one nearby—the company sits along the thriving 202/422 business corridor.

Over in Nashua, New Hampshire a short forty-five-minute drive lands you in the heart of Boston, pulsating with arts and cultural marvels. But that's not all. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, enjoy premium skiing, scenic hikes along the Nashua River, and a myriad of outdoor adventures. Looking for entertainment and convenience? Sporting events, shopping, and more await. From historic dwellings to modern abodes, our neighborhoods cater to families of all sizes.

Meanwhile, our Melbourne, Florida office boasts its own allure. Situated in this sunny locale, you'll find yourself in a hub of coastal delights. Enjoy the beach life, vibrant cultural offerings, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Additionally, Melbourne provides an array of housing choices, from beachfront paradises to comfortable suburban settings, ensuring there's a perfect spot for everyone.

Now, let's talk about our Singapore operations —where innovation meets urban splendor. Nestled in a city renowned for its futuristic skyline and cultural diversity, our office in Singapore places you at the heart of Asia's tech and business hub. Enjoy the blend of traditional heritage and modern living, tantalizing cuisine, and easy access to a multitude of recreational activities. Housing options here range from sleek high-rises to quaint residential areas, offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle that complements your professional journey.

Everyone has particular needs, so, if a benefits question is important to you, feel free to contact us, and we’ll provide additional information.