Integrated Systems
Design to Manufacture

Complex Optical Design, Prototype & Manufacture

Whether you need a …

  • Multi-sensor surveillance system with AI enabled automatic target recognition (ATR) for automated detection, identification, and response 
  • Or a soldier thermal weapon sight operating with the adaptive squad architecture 
  • Or a dual band imaging for 3rd gen FLIR
  • Or an unmanned system to support multi-channel payloads
  • Or a unique custom optical solution for your application

We got you covered.  Clear Align has the experience, people, and processes to deliver compliant optical systems. That capability is strengthened by our disciplined stage-gate development process that provides the controls to help achieves your goals faster by not missing key steps. 

Systems Approach

We understand the purpose of your system (the big picture, beyond the sensor functions alone) and drive the architecting effort with that in mind. This drives the system engineering process to provide significant analytical insight into system level performance. Our process incorporates the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and considers both architecture content and architecture process. Our basic systems modeling techniques includes a structured approach and an object approach.  The object approach provides many features for example considering sensors or emitters to support complex system architecture requirements and their interactions.

Rapid Deployment Integrating Current Technology &  COTS 

The engineering development phase of EO/IR technologies is a system engineering development model based on the COTS life cycle to rapidly assess and verify prior work done during the development phase and quickly transition to a full system product. 

These systems engineering activities include requirements analysis, functional analysis, performance analysis, system design, trade studies, system architecture specification, system verification & validation (V&V) and costs analysis.

Our processes are designed to support the system engineers, domain engineers and project managers in their respective roles to develop, integrate and deliver a system. In the case of the EOIR systems, it allows us to quickly verify the advanced development and engineering design and focus on the integration and evaluation.

Advanced Program Management

What differentiates Clear Align is the program management expertise and manufacturing experience we bring from the design process to prototyping to full rate production. We consistently deliver solutions reproduced in any volume incorporating the requisite fabrication and assembly technology for consistent product performance and reliability.  It is our disciplined process combined with in-depth understanding of technology that sets us apart.  

We integrate complex designs into state-of-the-art solutions as part of an end-to-end development process using either a firm fixed price or a time and materials contract with well-defined stage-gated process to minimize risk.

The Clear Align Advantage 

Working with a team member who provides the same level of discipline of large prime contractors, but at a lower cost with quicker turnaround, provides our clients a competitive advantage.