Comprehensive Electro-Optic Design-Test

Whether it is an optical lens design or a complete laser or imaging system integration, we deliver optical, mechanical, electrical, software and systems expertise with an unmatched customer satisfaction rating. Clear Align’s design services include:

  • Imaging System Design
  • Laser and Fiber Optic System Design
  • Optoelectronic Packaging Design

Experts in Opto-Mechanical Design

We deliver unique and sophisticated expertise in imaging and laser systems from concept development to field qualified hardware. Our optical engineers have experience serving the defense, medical and commercial markets, enables us to transfer qualified technology to your market in a quick, low risk and efficient manner.

Optical Design for Manufacture

There are plenty of one-person shops to choose from today. Our differentiator is the focus onDesign for Manufacture to ensure that customer products are quickly and cost effectively prototyped and can be ramped to volume production if required. As a program manager you cannot afford mistakes at the design phase, so every design has a comprehensive analysis and rigorous peer review process including advanced stray light analysis.

Imaging System Design

Clear Align’s imaging expertise spans lens and telescope design in the UV, visible and infrared wavebands. We can design illumination for your imager. We build some of the more complex narrow- and wide-field-of-view systems including fixed and continuous zoom imagers. Working in hyperspectral or multi-spectral environments is common. We can help you to balance your optical, mechanical, thermal and electrical requirements to ensure the smallest form factor with reliability in your environments. Systems we have designed, prototyped, and qualified include:

  • Advanced Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR Zoom Systems
  • Wide-field-of-view (WFOV) imaging
  • WFOV helmet-mounted displays (HMD)
  • Telescope
  • Night-vision scopes
  • Rangefinder & military optics
  • Medical fiber-optic imaging
  • Borescopes and endoscopes

Laser Systems and Subsystems

When building a laser system, in-depth knowledge of cleanliness and surface structure down to the component is the key.  At Clear Align we manufacture laser grade optical components and have a full in-house coating operation to support more complex system designs.  Developing and building assemblies and testing laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) is a service we offer.  Product experience includes:

  • Space-qualified optical assemblies
  • Free-space laser communication devices
  • Illuminators
  • Laser receiver modules
  • Laser rangefinders
  • LIDAR and LADAR assemblies
  • Spectroscopy lenses
  • Interferometer assemblies and many more