Electro-Optical Prototype Services

Empower your expansion and rapid delivery. Our seasoned engineering team excels in crafting the precise opto-mechanical and optoelectronic prototypes essential for your pre-volume production needs. Backed by expertise, accuracy, and dedication, our team of critical thinkers thrives on tackling intricate projects and turning around challenging endeavors, even against formidable technical odds.

Capitalizing on our proficient engineers during the design and prototype phases of your program ensures maximal benefits in subsequent manufacturing stages. We meticulously design and assemble prototypes tailored to our customers' production requisites, harnessing cutting-edge technology, with deep insights in process engineering, materials, assembly equipment, and process optimization.

At Clear Align, count on us to oversee a comprehensive prototype qualification plan, yet another testament to our commitment to supporting your product development journey. Moreover, our engineers boast proficiency in failure mode effects analysis, further enhancing our suite of services dedicated to your success.

Imaging & Laser Module Protyping

Assembly - Optical and optomechanical assembly
- Centering stations
- Adhesive and epoxy expertise
Testing - MTF testing of optical assemblies
- Interferometric testing
- Mechanical inspection technology
MILSPEC Qualification – Class K Space Qualification – Medical Device Qualification - Thermal shock
- Thermal cycling
- Humidity and temperature
- Mechanical shock and weapons shock
- Vibration
- Salt, fog, and fungus
- Coating adhesion
- Immersion
- Altitude