Proven Provider of Space Qualified Optical Modules

Innovative, Reliable Optical Assemblies, Sensors and Subsystems 

We design, develop, produce, and deliver space optical assemblies, sensors and subsystems. Founded by key personnel with a space heritage, Clear Align has delivered over 1,800 complex space-qualified optical subsystems to federal agencies and a long list of companies.  Today over 900 units remain in flight. Systems and applications include: 

  • Smallsat Optics and Telescopes
  • Free Space Optical Communications 
  • Optics for Space Arm and Robotics
  • Surveyor and Rovers Imaging 
  • Optical Instruments for Environmental Monitoring 
  • Ground-Based Telescopes for Space Communication 
  • Design and Test Optical Payloads for Remote Sensing

From individual components to integrated systems, from design to full-rate production and sustainment, we deliver SWAP-C optimized solutions from our flexible, scalable and vertically integrated operations. We deliver unparalleled reliability and production with a full in-house environmental qualification lab.