Build to Print Partners

Opto-Mechanical and Opto-Electronic Assembly Services

Clear Align designs and builds precision integrated optics, opto-mechanical and electro-optic products in build-to-print centers of excellence. We serve government, medical, defense, and commercial customers in over 20 countries around the world.  We are known for high-precision optical assembly services including for space qualified systems. 

Precision Assembly of Complex Optical Systems and Subsystems

Clear Align delivers multi-element optical assembly with optical alignment precision ranging from drop-in to precision alignment, to ultra-precision alignment - accurate to 1/10th of a micron.  Our expertise covers visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, dual band IR, and broadband   systems and can serve your needs from prototype assembly to volume production. 

Build-to-Print or Build-to-Requirements

Clear Align offers complete turnkey solutions from components to systems. We work strategically with our partners to add value to any project with design solutions, and improvements that tie into our design for manufacturing philosophy.

Should your design need development we can take operational needs, CONOPS, or a preliminary design and create a solution that fully meets your requirements - providing a build-to-requirement solution.  We work closely with our clients to drive manufacturing improvements with advanced engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance support. Our team can help ensure a robust, cost effective design early in the process. 

Clear Align has the capabilities and the capacity to manage discrete, one-of-a-kind orders or large-volume production solutions. We provide systems engineering, requirements development, analysis of alternatives, performance modeling, design, prototyping, integration, test, and qualification for your optical products.

Where Infrastructure Meets Innovation

When it comes to product development and Build-to-print solutions, Clear Align utilizes disciplined quality procedures and advanced centering and alignment technologies to ensure successful production. Our paperless system ensures traceability and compliance with key quality systems including:

  • MRP Systems
  • Internal Machining
  • Diamond turning, high speed polishing, flats and prism polishing or conventional optical fabrication
  • Extensive Coating Capability include AR, Band Pass, and hard carbon DLC
  • Certified Assembly Technicians
  • AS900 and ISO900 Certified Quality Assurance Systems
  • Environmental Stress Screening and Testing 
  • FAI and Qualification Services Clean Room Assembly for Space and Laser Applications

At Clear Align, we deliver high-quality, precision optical assemblies by combining key factors — one of the most vital of which is cleanliness and FOD control.  Our operations include Class 100,000, Class 10,000, or Class 100 clean rooms. 

ESD Controlled Manufacturing

Many electronic component failures can be traced back to problems with ESD during assembly, integration, and test. ESD may be responsible for up to a third of manufacturing product losses. To protect your sensitive components from ESD contamination during manufacturing, there are three areas that we manage. 

ESD Training  We follow documented procedures for handling ESD sensitive devices, and all team members are trained to ensure compliance with the ESD needs of your program.
Identification and Trace We receive sensitive devices in static controlled containers, identify which components are more sensitive than others, and handle them appropriately. 
Control of Areas, Equipment and Tooling Areas for working with ESD sensitive parts are set up with the tools and equipment to minimize static electricity including grounded wrist straps, ESD-safe clothing and gloves, ESD-safe tools, and anti-static floors and mats.


Quality Controls

Quality control isn’t just about parts inspection at Clear Align; our quality control system starts before design engineers boot up their computers. Clear Align uses a computer-controlled quality system at every workstation, and we continually review and update our process using SPC metrics. Whether we are building MIL-qualified, space-qualified, or medical devices, our QC system enables us to meet every delivery commitment. Clear Align has been awarded IS09000 and AS9100 certification across all of its manufacturing sites.

ITAR Compliance

Clear Align is compliant with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and has implemented measures to ensure secure program implementation for defense-related programs. All Clear Align staff members are US Citizens. All technical data are controlled, including information required for the design, development, production, integration, testing, maintenance, and modification of products or services originally created for military customers.

DCAA Compliance

All projects’ costs are monitored per Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements as defined by Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Examples of controls include detailed timecards for each project and tracking allowable direct expenses on government programs.

Medical, Defense and Commercial Applications

Assembly type Range of Capabilities
Laser and Laser Receiver Sub-assemblies

- Mirror and acousto-optic sub-assemblies

- Zero order waveplates

- Assembled prisms and beam splitter cubes

Refractive and Reflective Imaging Assemblies 

- Vis, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, Dual band and broadband assembly and test

- Beam focusing lens including doublets and triplets  telescopes , beam splitters, prisms, switched FOV, and zoom lenses,

- Integrated electro-mechanical components

- Structural housings and mounts

Refractive and Reflective Imaging Assemblies 
Complex Optical Modules

- Integrated optics, mechanics, and electronics

- Build-to-print or design-to-manufacture

- Precision fabrication and integration for optical performance and SWaP-C compliance

Surveillance Systems

- Precision pointing systems with integrated day and night cameras, laser range finders, radar, illumination, hailers other AI enabled equipment designed and built for smart border applications.