VZ 600 Mid-Range HD Multi-Sensor System

With integrated high-definition cameras and a precision 360° positioner, the VZ 900 HD System demonstrates industry-leading range performance and unparalleled reliability in critical 24/7 missions.

VZ 600 is ideal for border surveillance, port security, maritime applications, and counter UAS requirements and offers superior day/night situation awareness and improved detection and identification.


  • High-Definition Camera with Continuous Zoom with Auto Focus (50-600) with Improved Resolution at Range and Long-Life Coolers That Reduce Maintenance
  • Matching High-Resolution Visible and Low-Light Cameras with Continuous Zoom with Auto or Manual Focus
  • Auto Gain and Level Control (AGC) and Auto Focus
  • Local Area Contrast Enhancement and Local Area Processing (LAP/LACE) For A Sharp Image

​Mission Configuration Options Include:

  • Laser Rangefinder Up To 30 Km for Precise Location
  • Laser Illuminator for Covert Target Illumination and Identification
  • Turbulence And Scintillation Control and Fog Mitigation
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Advanced Local Area Contrast Enhancement and Local Area Processing (LAP/LACE) For A Sharp Image
  • Configurable Precision Position System with GPS
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • Digital Compass
  • GPS
  • Radar Options for Ground, Maritime, and Airborne Surveillance
  • Target Tracking
  • AI Enabled Automatic Target Recognition

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Clear align designs and manufactures a full portfolio of high-performance cameras and camera systems that provide our customers the clarity, accuracy, and reliability to capture the shot that matters and successfully complete their mission.

VZ 600 Datasheet

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