MirCam9512 HD MWIR 95-1200mm F/4 Continuous Zoom Camera

Capable of recognizing man-sized targets at over 20 kilometers, the Clear Align MirCam 9512 High Definition Infrared Camera offers improved day/night situation awareness with high definition resolution. Ideal for surveillance and reconnaissance in ground-based security, drone defense, and homeland security missions requiring maximum detection distance, the MirCam 9512 offers continuous zoom, higher resolution, and increased FOV for long-range detection and identification. 

  • Cooled HD 1280x1024 Sensor with high reliability cooler
  • Continuous Zoom with f/#4 from 95-1200mm
  • Ruggedized Payload Housing

The MirCam 9512 HD Camera demonstrates industry-leading range performance and unparalleled reliability in critical 24/7 missions for border and maritime security.

  • 10µ Pixel HD Infrared Sensor with Continuous Zoom
  • Midwave Notch Filter for Fog Mitigation
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Auto and Manual Focus
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Local Area Contrast Enhancement

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