MIRZ 8017 MWIR 80-1360mm (X17) F/5.5 Continuous Zoom Lens

Key Features:

  • Up to 1360 mm EFL Recognition of small targets at ranges up to 20km makes this lens excellent for long range IR applications
  • Narrow Field of View (<04 degrees) allows for more pixels on target
  • Motorized Continuous Zoom allows you to zoom while keeping the imagery sharp
  • The lens controller auto compensates thermal deviations and keeps the imagery crisp within a wide temperature range
  • Athena™ programmable DSP controller gives you the freedom to set targets and to calibrate the lens for different field conditions
  • Operate and calibrate the lens with our simple and friendly GUI,  or through common communication protocols
Optical Specifications
Focal Length

wfov: 80mm nfov: 1360mm



Spectral Range

3.6 – 4.8 microns

Image Format

640 x 512 pixels, 15 micron pixel size

Back Focal Length

24.0mm (+/-3mm)

Cold Stop to FPA Distance


Average Transmission (All elements AR coated)

≥ 86%

Horizontal FOV

wfov: 6.87° nfov: 0.404°


wfov: 0.65% nfov: 0.50%

On-Axis MTF

≥ 20% at 25 lp/mm theoretical


wfov: 10 meters nfov: 200 meters

Mechanical Specifications
Max Dimensions

Length = 275, Front OD = 264

Zoom Time (wfov to nfov)

< 5 sec. @ 25°C

Through-Zoom Boresight

≤ 5 pixel deviation


4.95 kg


Customized to Specification

Operating Temperature

- 20°C to + 50°C

Storage Temperature

- 40°C to + 80°C

Electronic and Communications
Lens Control

Athena™ Programmable DSP Controller

Drive Voltage & Current Consumption

12VDC, 1.5A Peak / 0.3A Average / 0.1A Idle

Communication Interface


Communication Protocol

Athena™ GUI & Protocol

Field of View Data
Field of View Data
WFOV (1000mm)
HFOV 320x240 480x384 640x512
30 microns 6.9    
25 microns 4.6 6.9  
15 microns 3.4 5.2 6.9


NFOV (1360mm)
HFOV 320x240 480x384 640x512
30 microns 0.404    
25 microns 0.27 0.404  
15 microns 0.202 0.303 0.404