MIRZ9512 HD MWIR 95-1200mm F/4 Continuous Zoom Lens

Key Features:

  • Recognition of small targets at ranges nearly 30km makes this lens ideal for long-range IR applications
  • Narrow Field of View (<0.6 degrees) allows more pixels on target
  • The lens controller auto compensates thermal deviations and keeps the imagery crisp within a wide temperature
  • Programmable DSP controller gives you the freedom to set targets and to calibrate the lens for different field conditions
  • Operate and calibrate the lens with our simple and friendly GUI, or through common communication protocols
  • Motorized Continuous Zoom allows you to zoom while keeping the imagery sharp
Optical Specifications
Focal Length

WFOV: 95mm NFOV: 1200mm

F/# f/4.0
Spectral Range

3.0 - 5.0 microns, CO2 Notch Filter

Image Diagonal

16.39 mm

Image Format

High Def 1280 x 1024 pixels, 10-micron pixel size

Back Focal Length

34.0mm (+/-3mm)

Cold Stop to FPA Distance


Average Transmission (All elements AR coated)


FOV (H x V)

WFOV: 7.7° x 6.2° NFOV: 0.61° x 0.49°


WFOV: <3.5%  NFOV: <2.0%

On-Axis MTF

WFOV: >40% @ 25 lp/mm NFOV: > 40% at 25 lp/mm


WFOV: 50 meters NFOV: 200 meters

Mechanical Specifications
Focus / Zoom Mechanisms

Continuous - Motorized & Synchronized

Zoom Time (wfov to nfov)

< 3.5 sec. @ 25°C

Through-Zoom Boresight

< 5 pixel deviation


27.47 (L) x 20.26 (W) x 20.24 (H)


96.7 pounds (with housing)


Customized to Specification

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

- 40°C to + 80°C

Electronic and Communications
Lens Control

Software GUI

Drive Voltage & Current Consumption

48V/2AMPS or 24V/4AMPS

Communication Interface


Communication Protocol

GUI & Protocol

Field of View Data
Field of View Data
HFOV 640x512 1280x1024
10 microns   7.7
15 microns 5.8  


HFOV 640x512 1280x1024
10 microns   0.61
15 microns 0.46