The Next Frontier of Electro-Optical Sensors

By John Keller Military & Aerospace Electronics

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Electro-optical sensors — those that sense light at a variety of different spectra — enable warfighters to see at night, detect disturbed soil that might suggest the presence of roadside bombs, detect missile launches, and find tiny boats at sea. While these sensors bolster the U.S. military claims to “own the night,” the battlefield capabilities that modern electro-optical sensors offer are poised for revolutionary improvements that promise to increase sensor ranges; enhance image resolution; reduce sensor size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP); and identify targets automatically through artificial intelligence (AI).

Coats Collected as Cold Weather Settles In

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As the temperature drops, the warmth of community spirit at Clear Align shines brighter than ever. Reflecting its commitment to giving back and supporting the community, Clear Align's team has once again collected over 100 winter items including 60 new coats to help kids get to school warm this season.  This initiative is led by the Best Places to Work Committee and aims to provide comfort and protection during the winter season, letting others know we care.