Electro-Optic System Integration for UAV and Robotics Market

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Eagleville, PA - Advanced  Systems Integration. Recently, we expanded our UAV systems and robotics support to better serve a growing customer set.  In 2015 we supported a variety of programs related to these two markets including: Gimbals: a challenging gimbal for unmanned aerial vehicles Robotics: robotic systems with integrated infrared optics UAV Surveillance: multi-spectral surveillance systems including...

Demand for MILSPEC systems drove Clear Align's 49% growth in 2015

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Eagleville, PA - Emerging DoD Outsourced Manufacturing Model.  DoD budgets and compressed product development cycles are driving prime contractors to demand higher level electro-optic systems from a few, vertically integrated, critical partners. Clear Align is addressing customers’ need for nimble and responsive delivery.   Clear Align Strengthened Our Offerings for Systems Engineering, Assemblies & ...