Clear Align Increases Operational Availability on the US Border
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Clear Align Increases Operational Availability on the US Border

Clear Align Secures Sole Source Contract to Provide MWIR Cameras for US Customs and Border Protection Agency's Southern Border Surveillance

Clear Align proudly announces its recent achievement of securing a sole source contract for MWIR Cameras intended for deployment along the Southern Border by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP).

Renowned for our legacy of delivering superior surveillance solutions for US border security, Clear Align is honored to have gained the trust of CBP through this latest contract award. Our MWIR cameras are differentiated by their unparalleled image clarity and high reliability.

Over the past four years, Clear Align has reduced the maintenance burden by 25% compared to previously deployed camera systems. Building upon this success, this new award will elevate system maintenance intervals to double that of legacy systems. This advancement will alleviate the integrated fixed tower maintenance, improving safety, reducing costs and ensuring uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring of US borders.

Clear Align remains committed to continuous innovation, striving to push technological boundaries to aid CBP in its critical mission of safeguarding the US border. Proudly supporting the largest population of infrared camera systems deployed on US borders, we stand firm in our dedication to strengthening national security.

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