Coats Collected as Cold Weather Settles In
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Coats Collected as Cold Weather Settles In

As the temperature drops, the warmth of community spirit at Clear Align shines brighter than ever. Reflecting its commitment to giving back and supporting the community, Clear Align's team has once again collected over 100 winter items including 60 new coats to help kids get to school warm this season.  This initiative is led by the Best Places to Work Committee and aims to provide comfort and protection during the winter season, letting others know we care.

Last year's philanthropic efforts included a school supply drive and donating over 1,100 lbs of food to support local food banks. Addressing food insecurity in the community underscores the company's core values of responsibility to our communities.

Clear Align team extends their goodwill far beyond organized drives, exemplifying a spirit of ongoing volunteerism. Even after their children have outgrown certain activities, team members continue to support scout programs, food banks, and other acts that help grow a strong local community.

"Clear Align is more than just a workplace; it's a tight-knit community that thrives on compassion and generosity," remarked Stephanie Campbell, CFO. "Our team's commitment to giving back, whether through donations, volunteer work, or simple acts of kindness, truly makes Clear Align a special place to work."

As the company continues to grow and innovate, its unwavering commitment to being a force for good remains an integral part of our identity.  For further inquiries or to learn more about Clear Align's community initiatives, please contact Jenn Howard in Nashua NH.

About Clear Align:

Clear Align is a preeminent global technology company specializing in AI-enabled and networked Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) systems for Border Surveillance, Counter UAS, Ground Vehicle targeting, Airborne ISR and Space imaging. Clear Align is committed not only to technological innovation but also to being an active and engaged member of the community.


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