Demand for MILSPEC systems drove Clear Align's 49% growth in 2015
Angelique Irvin
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Demand for MILSPEC systems drove Clear Align's 49% growth in 2015

Emerging  DoD Outsourced Manufacturing Model  

Eagleville, PA DoD budgets and compressed product development cycles are driving prime contractors to demand higher level electro-optic systems from a few, vertically integrated, critical partners. Clear Align is addressing customers’ need for nimble and responsive delivery.   Clear Align Strengthened Our Offerings for Systems Engineering, Assemblies & Components

  • Systems Manufacture: Customers' needs are served by a new VP of Engineering, Ed Mourar, and Mechanical Engineer, Doug Wetterau who each bring 25 years of systems experience.
  • Lens Assembly: Volume manufacturing cost was reduced 27-51% via vertical integration and lean principals led by BAE System's Mentor Protégé Program.
  • Components Fabrication: We added 7 opticians and 47 new machines to serve customers better.
  • Optical Coatings: We tripled our optical coating staff and our master designer developed 28 new coatings with ultra-low reflection.
  • Novel Materials: We added fabrication of windows with almost twice the modulus of rupture of Germanium and a chalcogenide with transmission from NIR to LWIR.
  • Process Controls: We tightened process controls with the US Army’s Mentor with Protégé investment in enterprise resource planning and quality control.

If you have a complex optical challenge: Please contact JJ Koeske, at 603-889-2116 X222.

About Clear Align

Clear Align is a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision optical assemblies from components to payload providing in-house optical, mechanical and electronics expertise that sets us apart from other contractors. Clear Align’s imaging expertise spans the UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR portions of the spectrum. We provide complex fully qualified optical solutions for defense, medical and commercial applications from terrestrial to space grade hardware. Clear Align maintains SDB, WOSB and SB status after this acquisition.

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