Federal Reserve Bank President Thanks Angelique X. Irvin for Service

Federal Reserve Bank President Thanks Angelique X. Irvin for Service

The Economic and Community Advisory Council (ECAC) of the Federal Reserve held its annual recognition dinner to honor members who have served on the council that was attended by the council, the Board of Directors, and Patrick Harker the 11th president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

 “Thank you for serving on the ECAC. It has been wonderful to have you share your expertise with our team. We look forward to continued collaboration.” Commented Erin K. Mierzwa, In Community Development & Regional Outreach at Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

The ECAC is a council within the Federal Reserve System that advises the Bank's senior leadership team about emerging trends, issues, and market conditions in the Third Federal Reserve District and nationwide. The council extends partnerships with organizations from the private and public sectors. It fosters greater integration and collaboration to have a broader impact on the Third Federal Reserve District and to encourage economic growth. The ECAC also focuses on community development issues and advocates for technology innovation and small businesses in the U.S.

Angelique X. Irvin has been a member of the ECAC for four years, bringing her expertise in high growth technology sectors including aerospace and defense, scientific research, life and health sciences, and space systems to the Council. As the chairman and CEO of Clear Align, a worldwide supplier of advanced electro-optic systems, Irvin has led the company that has been recognized for their technology contribution to national security and defense applications.

Irvin thanked the ECAC for the recognition and commended the Federal Reserve Bank on the collaboration and innovation it brings to driving economic growth in our nation. "I am honored to contribute to the Federal Reserves mission," said Irvin. "It has been a privilege to serve on the council and work alongside a truly talented and dedicated team. I believe this two-way communication is the key to unlocking economic growth and prosperity for our nation”.

The recognition dinner was attended by members of the ECAC, the Federal Reserve leadership team, and other guests. The event provided an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the council and its members and reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing the Third Federal Reserve District and the nation.

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