MSI Defense Systems Selects Clear Align MWIR Cameras for Counter UAS
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MSI Defense Systems Selects Clear Align MWIR Cameras for Counter UAS

Protecting Critical Infrastructure with Enhanced Infrared Cameras

September 12th, 2023, Clear Align is pleased to announce that it has been selected to provide High-Definition MWIR thermal imaging cameras to MSI Defense Systems (MSI-DS) for the MSI-DS TERRAHAWK PALADIN.

The Clear Align Z 600 thermal imaging camera was selected for its exceptional image clarity, low-latency and flexible digital architecture, enabling seamless integration with the TERRAHAWK PALADIN C2 and the SATOS director.

The MSI-DS TERRAHAWK PALADIN is a mobile, deployable short-range air defence system to defend against threats from UAS and fast incoming air targets, as well as ground and maritime targets.

The deployable system has sensors and effectors mounted on a trailer or NATO-standard flat rack and hook lift system for rapid ground deployment, and re-deployment at another location as and when air defence priorities change.

As armed forces around the world increase their focus on acquiring effective short-range air defence capabilities to meet contemporary threats, the MSI-DS TERRAHAWK PALADIN draws the interest of customers and the wider industry for its inherent:

  • Mobility - integrate onto a wide range of military support vehicles and trailers.
  • Rapid Redeployment – Trailer-mounted, or NATO-standard flat rack and hook lift system for rapid ground deployment; ‘pack-and-go’ to re-deploy at another location, when and where priorities change.
  • Flexibility – deploy as standalone, or integrate into a wider area layered defence network.
  • Multi-role - wide range of roles from protecting high value military targets and critical infrastructure to force multiplier for wider coastal and border protection.
  • Modularity - wide range of direct fire effectors up to 40mm, ammunition, radar, and tracking options.

The integration of our field-proven effectors, sensing and detection capabilities, including the MSI-DS TERRAHAWK LW Series gun mount and the MSI-DS SATOS, provides the assurance of class-leading accuracy, lethality, and survivability.

About Clear Align:

Clear Align is a preeminent global technology company specializing in AI-enabled and networked Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) systems for Border Surveillance, Counter UAS, Ground Vehicle targeting, Airborne ISR and Space imaging. Our design capabilities include opto-mechanical, electro-optical, FPGA and software. We offer in-house optical fabrication, optical coatings, opto-mechanical assembly, sensor integration, video processing and AI enabled ATR. Clear Align offers a market leading range of high-definition MWIR thermal imaging cameras that are integrated with a wide range of platforms. We specialize in custom integration with all C2 platforms to deliver a completely bespoke solution.

About MSI Defense Systems:

MSI-Defence Systems Ltd. are a world leader in gunfire technology, C-UAS, and Anti-FIAC capabilities, trusted by over 40 armed forces globally. They provide consultancy, design, manufacturing, and after-sales support and maintenance for innovative defence solutions to protect against contemporary and evolving threats. MSI-DS specialise in remote situational awareness and hard kill on a range of host platforms - integrating an all-weather day and night EOS suite with effectors and Fire Control Systems for full target tracking, ballistic compensation, and options for increased target recognition intelligence.

Their systems provide layered defence capabilities against multiple state, state-sponsored and non-state threats, such as UAS/aerial vehicles, loitering munitions such as swarms, fast inshore attack craft, ground vehicle targets, and uncrewed surface vessels. From their naval roots, they now operate across marine and land domains - delivering small/medium calibre gun and control systems to fulfil the multi-role requirements of all classes of land-based platforms and naval vessels.

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