Stephanie Campbell Appointed as CFO of Clear Align, Reinforcing Defense-Centric Vision
Armand Peters
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Stephanie Campbell Appointed as CFO of Clear Align, Reinforcing Defense-Centric Vision

Clear Align, a preeminent global technology company specializing in AI-enabled and networked Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) systems for defense applications, proudly announces the appointment of Stephanie Campbell as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With a distinguished background in finance leadership and an unwavering commitment to value creation, Stephanie's strategic vision aligns seamlessly with Clear Align's mission to protect our nation and allies through cutting-edge defense technologies.

Clear Align's state-of-the-art solutions empower defense operators with autonomous and intelligent EO/IR and thermal imaging systems, fortified with smarter automatic target recognition capabilities. These advancements play a crucial role in safeguarding national security by enabling the detection, tracking, and identification of critical items in the most challenging and dynamic environments.

Stephanie Campbell's demonstrated track record in achieving financial and operational results within highly matrixed defense organizations makes her a perfect fit for Clear Align's defense-centric approach. Her expertise will be instrumental in optimizing financial strategies and resource allocation, ensuring the seamless development and deployment of defense technologies.

"As the nation faces evolving threats, Clear Align remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the most advanced defense technologies," said Angelique X. Irvin, Chairman & CEO of Clear Align. "We are delighted to welcome Stephanie Campbell as our new CFO, whose extensive experience and understanding of the defense landscape will bolster our efforts to protect our nation and allies. Stephanie's leadership will be integral in shaping our financial strategies as we continue to deliver imaging systems to fortify the security of our defense forces from space to ground."

Clear Align's solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring real-time communication from defense systems to operators, enabling quick and informed decision-making in critical defense scenarios. Stephanie's expertise in M&A modeling, evaluation, and integration will be critical in fostering strategic collaborations and expanding Clear Align's presence in the defense sector.

"I am honored to join Clear Align, a company that plays a vital role in safeguarding our nation's security and global interests," Stephanie Campbell stated. "Clear Align's unwavering commitment to delivering defense-centric technologies that embrace AI and machine learning is inspiring. I am eager to leverage my financial expertise to support the development of cutting-edge defense solutions that drive our mission to protect our nation and its allies."

Stephanie Campbell's appointment as CFO marks a significant step in Clear Align's journey, further cementing its position as a defense technology leader. The company is confident that her strategic acumen will strengthen the financial foundation and support the continued advancements that protect our nation and secure a safer future.

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